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Altar Show and Tell

  So I’ve been re-arranging my altars a bit recently trying to find a configuration that works for me. I’ve pretty much settled on the follow for my full altar set up. I found this set of tables at an … Continue reading

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Technomagic: The Conjuration Station

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been experimenting with a concept Frater R.O. came up with in this blog post here. Basically the concept is to run an electric current through a metal talisman which has been … Continue reading

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Solar Initiation

Obligatory Disclaimer: I debated long and hard if I should write about this stuff. I always try to stick close to the concept of honesty on this blog and really just speak from the source. I’m not out to make … Continue reading

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I’ve Got 99 Problems but a Demon Ain’t One of ‘Em

 So the other day I had a demon hit list on my desk, as I researched how to write the Hebrew names of all the demons I was gunning for… I feel like I’ve been doing a ton of magical … Continue reading

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A Mages Life is the Life for Me: Whats been going on with me (April 2012 edition)

In the lack of anything interesting or important to write I figured I’d do a general “whats been going on with me” post.I’ve been a busy mage… I’m not sure when I started using that word. It was never a … Continue reading

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