Published Works

Hekate Her Sacred Fires: (Author of the piece entitled “A Druid and Hekate”)

Out of Arcadia: (Author of the Foreword)

Hoofprints in the Wildwood: The Horned God Devotional Anthology (Both editor and contributor)


Essays and Articles:

(Blog Post) On Being a Spiritual Mutt

(Blog Post) On Labels

(Essay) On Being Pagan

(Essay) Why I Worship the Gods

(Essay) Sex and Death: The Lessons of Cernunnos

(Essay) The Horned God: His Lore and Worship

(Essay) The Lay of the Horned God

(Essay) It’s not the size of your balls, it’s how you handle them that counts!

(Essay): Remember Chaos Magic?

Rituals and Invocations:

(Ritual) The Hekatean Sphere of Protection

(Invocation) A Psalm for Hekate


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  1. maureen says:

    Great articles, love the new blog!

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