(Invocation) A Psalm for Hekate


Because I’m feeling cheeky today, and this came to me as I ate my lunch… Obviously inspired by Psalm 23, but not meant to be offensive or spoofing in any way.

A Prayer for Hekate

Hekate is my Saviour, I shall not want.

She maketh me to face my fears,

She teaches me the ancient magics,

She invigorates my soul.

She leadeth me down the path to the crossroads

For her names sake.

And yea though I walk through the boneyard, and seek to cross the Abyss

I will fear not the Gorgo, the Mormo, or the Empusa,

For thou art with me.

Your rattling keys and chains,

They comfort me.

Your blades and ropes,

they protect me.

Your torches and Iunges,

They leadeth the way before me.

You prepare my soul for ascension,

In the presence of my allies.

You anoint my brow with wolvesbane, nightshade, and saffron,

Abundance and joy overflows.

Surely gnosis and henosis shall follow me all the days of my life,

And I shall bask in thy noctilucent radiance


Io Evohe!

3 Responses to (Invocation) A Psalm for Hekate

  1. Polly Taskey says:

    Brilliant! I’ve just come across your blog today from “By Stag and Eagle” and thoroughly enjoying it! Also, Hekate has a very special place in my craft.

  2. Your Psalm is so well written and rhymes with the 23rd Psalm exactly. Reading it ,are me feel quite emotional as a devotee of Hekete. It’s just beautiful!
    Blessed Be,
    Cazangelcat )O(

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