Whats going on with me… July 2015 edition.

Holy crap a real blog post! Does anyone even read this thing anymore?

So my dear friends, it goes without saying that it has been a long long time since I last wrote. Part of the reason being… I just lost my will to write about anything. I still practice. I still do all the stuff I used to write about. The only difference I’m less inclined to write about it. However, part of the reason (perhaps the main reason even) I started this blog was to connect with other practitioners. While I still connect with many of you on Facebook, I’m increasingly keeping my FB mundane these days due to neighbors, parents of my kids friends, etc being on my feed and not wanting to alert them to the occult freak in their midst! Truth is though that I miss you guys!

So what has been going on with me int he past year. Pretty much, more of the same. I still struggle with identify and a place to belong. Recently I’ve been having my old Druid issues. I have this eternal cycle with Revival Druidry… I don’t know if I have a calling toward it, or just a desire but I feel an eternal longing to it when I’m not practicing. Then I dig in determined to “be a real Druid”, and I hit the old brick wall. Wait a second, I don’t have any resonance to Celtic mythology. Where I realize that other groups (such as the ADF) recognize other hearth cultures, for me this doesn’t work. Seeing as I worship primarily Hellenic gods, the thought of being a “Greek Druid” chafes me. Not passing judgment on those it does work for, I just know myself. So I’m eternally at that questions.. is it better to just suck it up and heed the calling,  Celts and all, or move on? See, aren’t you glad you haven’t been listening to me whine about this for the past year? I’ve tried both scenarios, many times. Nether work. Thus I’m at standstill.

In other news, I’ve been going back to basics with the Strategic Sorcery lessons, and enjoying the hell out of it. Jason has hinted at the Hekate material being offered soon, at which point I’ll be begging him to take my money! I’m still working with Hekate and Helios as a pretty much constant. I’ve also been feeling the tug of picking up my Hermetic studies again. I’m thinking the best place to start is RO’s 7 spheres book, so I’ll be undertaking that soon.

The past year has brought many life changes. I hit the death knell of the magician… fulfilling all m goals. Everything I lusted after, everything I enchanted for, manifested in spades. I changed jobs to one I love. Just got a promotion and sizable raise at it. I sold my house that I hated, and bought what I like to think of “a castle on a cliff”; an old 100+ year old home on an embankment, overlooking the town, completely covered by trees and vegetation to the point that in the summer you can’t even see it from the street. Enough space for the family to grow, with an entire room dedicated as a ritual room to boot… AND a basement workbench for all my craft works.

In the process of fulfilling all my goals I went through a lengthy process of thinking “What do I do now”? No longer did I have anything to actually work towards. My practice dulled into doing daily energy work and offerings, certainly nothing to write about! I spun about with that for awhile. I’m finally coming after it. Doing magic just for the spiritual benefits are now a interest of mine. Also, I’m finally taking an interest in financial magic to solidify my position and works to improve my relationships and grow higher with my career. In short, I’m happy and looking to keep it that way ad get even happier.

I’m afraid a word must be said about the Hekate Prayer book. I’m sorry for letting you guys down on that. Yes the project is pretty much off the rails. When I started I had ample free time. These days what little free time I do have is split between family, and actually working magic. I no longer have the time to devote to such a project. I am sincerely sorry for letting you all down on it, but I just don’t see it happening. The same can be said for my book deal with Moon Books. I feel ever embarrassed that I didn’t deliver on that (Sorry Trevor!). I just got thrown into a life situation where writing was no longer a luxury I had, with little notice.

I’m not sure where to go from here. Should I still write about my adventures in Sorcery from this point on out? I’m no sure I have much to add. I have however been enjoying reading about other’s adventures. Perhaps now that I’ve  “broken the seal” the muse will hit me again?

Oh and here’s a picture of my most recent altar arrangement. Until recently, since I’ve had the space, I’ve kept multiple altars, but I’m once again experimenting with the “one-stop-shop”. We’ll see how it works out.

Until next time my friends.


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18 Responses to Whats going on with me… July 2015 edition.

  1. Running Elk says:


    Consider a second account on facebook and take all your occult freaky friends across there. Certainly saves all these awkward moments with the muggles… Also consider putting them in a box “Occult Freaks” and sharing the freaky occult stuff only with that group. (My preferred method – as two accounts can only be twice as bad as one… 😉 )

    See you next year! 😉 Or sooner would be nice 😀

    • Skyllaros says:

      Hi Running Elk! Yeah I’ve thought about doing that, just takes so much to sort out whose who now with a large friends list. Thanks for sticking around, I’m sure I’ll be back before next year!

  2. Robert Goode says:

    Holy crap, I thought this was deleted. Welcome back to the land of blogging. Maybe you should try Tumblr? You can just write out quick and random thoughts. Good thing we keep in touch via FB. You still need to fly out my way so you can go to Edge of the Circle. It’s probably the most famous, and one of the last, true occult stores of the PNW. I think the whole of the occult community of WA is centered around EOTC lol.

    Congrats on having it all at the moment! I’d kill for good health right now lol. You worked very hard right now for what you have: A wonderful home, a great job, and what seems to be a really fantastic family. You’re living the dream of many, my friend.

    Best of luck on keeping to one altar. I’ve never been able to, since half what I do is Western chthonic occultism and the other half is Japanese syncretic sorcery. Both are so very different, there is no way of trying to work them together. On the note of altars, what are those brass goat/ram things in front of Baphomet? Are they bells?

    • Skyllaros says:

      Hello Robert! I actually do have a Tumblr, It’s skyllaros.tumblr.com. I’m happy too that we keep in touch on FB. If I ever head out your way you can be sure you’ll be the first person I contact! The goat things in front of Baphomet are actually just solid brass ram decorations. Found them at an antique store and had to have them!

  3. Why yes, you still have subscribers! Good to hear about your achievements.

    Seems like Hekate and Helios would make a great axis. Tree-climbing time! 😉

  4. ladyimbrium says:

    Well hello! It’s great to hear that things have been going so well. Nice to have you back in my reader though 🙂 here’s hoping you find more things to write and ramble about.

  5. Jose Prado says:

    Could you write about what Strategic Sorcery is and how to do it?

  6. Iolair says:

    It’s good to hear from you on this venue again, my friend. I am very happy to hear that things are going so well. I know the feeling of not really being motivated to write about experiences. Sometimes the feeling just isn’t there. That being said, I do miss reading about your magical adventures. Best of luck, my friend.

  7. Cin says:

    🙂 I just use a filter on FB sometimes. Other times I just don’t care. Or you can make a FB page for the blog and post there, I also have one of those. good to see you back in the feed.

  8. greycatsidhe says:

    I’ve missed your postings, particularly your beautiful altars. Wishing you all the best!

  9. Great to see you back!

    • Skyllaros says:

      Thank you Catriona. Your blog has been a great inspiration to me recently btw. I love the work your doing and how you seem to seamlessly integrate all of the parts that I struggle with. You make it look so easy, and always artfully done. My respect to you always.

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