The Hekatean Prayer Book

Call for Submissions for the Hekatean Prayer Book

I am currently accepting all submissions for the Hekatean prayer book (opening on May 15th 2013) . I am looking for original Prayers, rituals, spells, and artwork.

Prayers, Chants, and Invocations: Prayers may be of any length and style, so long as it is original, and directed to the goddess Hekate. Poetry will not be accepted! I realize this is a fine line as prayers can be poetic, but poetry for literary purposes is not in the scope of this book. The submission must be clearly a prayer directed to Hekate (which can be as poetic as you like) that is designed to be spoken aloud.  Chants will also be accepted, as well as mantras. Devotional songs and music are acceptable.

Rituals & Spells: I am also looking for rituals of a devotional manner, spells, or magical rituals.  Be creative! These can be as long or short as you want. If you have a personal devotional ritual that you used, or even meditation, that would be perfect for this work.

Artwork: I’d like to artwork of Hekate throughout the book to meditate on. These can be pictures, shrines, paintings, photo manips, etc. Also accepted will be abstract Hekatean concepts such as keys, snakes, dogs, skulls, etc. Also, we’ll need a cover image!

Please send all submissions to

Again the deadline is November 3oth, 2013. I will be the final judge on all submissions. You must also be willing to sign an agreement to have your work included, which will be sent to you by email.

Any reblogs, retweets, and signal boosts would be appreciated. Lets make this thing a reality.

Please note for all submission you will be asked to fill out the following form! I’m putting it out here so everyone knows in advance:





I am writing to request permissions to use the following materials

sent to me:

For use in the following work:

Tentative title of Anthology:  The Hekatean Prayer Book

Author/Editor of Anthology:

Publisher: Lulu Press

Rights Requested: Worldwide, nonexclusive

Will you kindly give permission to reproduce the material/s indicated

above in all editions and reprints of the work and any and all

derivations thereof? Full credit will be given in whatever form you


In signing below, you warrant that you are the sole owner of the

rights granted herein, and that the work does not infringe upon the

copyright or other rights of anyone. The rights you are granting are

nonexclusive, which means that you still own this text and can use it

as you will. It is understood that you waive all right to money

derived from the authorized use of this material.



Legal name of contributor:

Name to appear in print:

Authorized signature:


20 Responses to The Hekatean Prayer Book

  1. Hi Rick, I would like to contribute a hymn to Hekate Enodia that I wrote when I joined The CoH. Also my favorite picture of a stone carving of Her that I have on my main altar that is very uncommon.

    Thank you, Artemisia

  2. Cymraes says:

    Wonderful idea! I will be reblogging this for you as well as sending you a prayer etc. 🙂


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  4. Nykti says:

    Do you mind if I reblog this around? Primarily to The Cauldron and Tumblr. I can’t really contribute anything of value to your project (I can’t write ritual well and I don’t work with Hekate), so this is the best I can do. 🙂

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  6. Evoru says:

    This is a rather neat idea! If you don’t mind me asking, what do you plan to do with the profits from this book, since you’re asking the contributors to waive all rights to any money from sold copies?

    • Skyllaros says:

      Hi Evoru,

      Thanks very much, I’m glad you like the idea! I’ve been asked this question before and this is my “standard” response so I promise I’m not being angsty on you! Hopefully It doesn’t come off that way. 😉 All my best to you!

      The short answer is, the profits will go to me. The long explanation is that this is actually pretty standard in devotionals of this type. I’ve participated in many myself. Many other publishers of devotionals keep their profits and I don’t see an independent editor as being any different. Since this is the second time I’ve done this, I can say from experience it’s a huge effort that takes a lot of time and care out of my already busy life to do properly. The last one I did represented over a year worth of work. Between putting out the call for submissions, keeping the message out and alive, answering emails, deciding on submissions, compiling and sending out forms, editing (which alone takes forever), formatting, and trying to form it into an appealing end product someone would actually want to read it tends to be a huge time consumer. Last time I had two other people helping me and even then it was a nightmare getting the thing out. I see no reason why I should not be re-compensated for my efforts as the sole organizer. Others are free to disagree with this (and thereby not submit their work), but that’s my stance. I can say also, I’m doing this from a purely devotional stand point, not just to make buck. If I was I’d choose a far easier way.

      I’ve tried to be clear about all the details from the outset, so everyone can choose to participate under the guidelines I’ve set or not.

      I am considering donating some of the proceeds to a Hekatean type charity (such as a dog rescue), but I’d have to see how it does and don’t want to promise that and be bound to it.

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  8. zionrising2007 says:

    How can a potential submission be given to you? I made a praise for Hekate a few weeks ago that I would like to submit. This sounds like a very nice project and I would love to have a small part in it. ^_^

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  10. Ah, I notice that the deadline seems to have been extended quite a bit. Is it closed now, or might there still be a chance of getting something in?

  11. Ivan says:

    Hello there, since you were still accepting submissions a couple months
    ago I assume the books not gonna be published anytime soon? I wish I could offer to submit some of my own work but my devotionals are still quite simple since I’ve just decided to start working with Hecate on a spiritual level, yes I know the proper Greek spelling is “Hekate” but since I’m of Latin descent I feel more comfortable with Hecate, however if you would be kind enough to let me know when the book estimated time of release will be I’ll be sure to buy a copy and spread the word so others may do so as well. 🙂

    • Skyllaros says:

      Ivan, even if your devotionals are simple, feel free to submit. I want the work to reflect everyones practice, and there is room for all. Yes it probably wont be published until this summer, at least thats my goal.

  12. hekataie says:

    I’d like to add a small traveling prayer to Hekate if I could.

  13. Did this ever get off the ground?

  14. Samantha says:

    Is this still being produced?

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