Hermetic Initiations

1) Earth Initiation

2) Air Initiation

3) Fire Initiation

4) Water Initiation

5) Solar Initiation

6) Binding of Demons

7) Adventures in Talisman Making

8) The Conjure Wand

9) The Conjuration Station

5 Responses to Hermetics

  1. Aj / Melia says:

    I found this very interesting. I admit to blanching at the idea of using what seems to me to be Christian angels for this. The dream about dragons instead of demons rings true to me. YMMV

    Please post when you’ve added something new to this page!

    • Seillean says:

      Hi AJ! Thanks for commenting. You wouldn’t believe how many people have said the same thing to me about the angels. πŸ™‚ I figure it’s part of the tradition and I don’t see them as exclusively Christian, more as stand-alone powerful spirits that got absorbed into Christianity. I have found them to be eager to help though and worthy companions in my own experience though. I can understand the apprehension though.

      It’s definitely been a mindset changer. The dream about the dragons rang pretty true to me too.

    • Seillean says:

      Also Hekate is said to preside over angels in the C.O. She pretty much pushed me to go for it πŸ™‚

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